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Give yourself a break, the key to recovery after surgery.

Wednesday, May 6 2020

Something that is always in mind when considering having plastic surgery is the availability that we will have to undergo it, since the essential part of its success is the rest that we must maintain. In many surgeries, the time required to heal does not adapt to our rhythm of life since 1 weekend or a couple of days off is not always sufficient, so this time we will talk about the estimated recovery times according to the type of surgery, do not...

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Tips for choosing your surgeon

Wednesday, April 22 2020

In recent years, the number of cosmetic procedures has increased considerably, unfortunately the procedures performed by unlicensed physicians also have increased, and most of them do not complete the minimum requirements. This has led to an increase in the number of patients with complications and unsatisfactory results that lead to permanent complications or future problems. For this reason, we reiterate that undergoing cosmetic treatment should...

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What to expect during recovery from a breast lift.

Tuesday, February 11 2020

In recent years the demand for the breast lift procedure has increased considerably, since in women of middle age or older and after pregnancy, there tends to be some flaccidity in the breast area. Even though this procedure has been an alternative to solve this problem and recover firmness, at the moment of making the final decision and setting the date to perform the procedure many women postpone the intervention because of the time involved in...

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Savings systems for plastic surgery, know more about these!

Friday, January 17 2020

At the beginning of this year we return to take the goals that could be left unfinished in the past year, and a constant is to recover or have the figure that we consider an ideal. Of course, there are many ways to get it, and although some seem easier than others, they all require great effort. An example of this is to resort cosmetic surgery to correct certain areas and at least as it seems, surgical interventions require investment as long as...

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Undecided between Mesotherapy or Laser Liposuction?

Wednesday, August 21 2019

In recent years, the feminine tendency is to keep the body with that hourglass silhouette, however, it is a difficult silhouette to achieve unless we have a little help ... With this `` boom '' on the pursuit for a flat stomach, a large number of clinics and spas have included in their procedure a treatment called Mesotherapy which promises to help reducing sizes and defining the body contour, while not requiring of surgeries and mentions being a...

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Thread lift: Pros and cons.

Tuesday, February 12 2019

The thread lift -also known as feather lift- is being used by both women and men who want to have a more luminous or firm skin without having to go through the operating room because this procedure offer a convenient and safe alternative to traditional facelift surgery. It’s a less invasive procedure that can lift the eyebrows, lift the tip of the nose, reaffirm the facial contour and neck, as well as improve some wrinkles. This are some pros...

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Brazilian Butt Lift Benefits

Thursday, January 31 2019

Bottoms up! The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a cosmetic procedure in which the patient fat is used to augment the butt volume. Is one of the most demanded plastic surgery because the recovery is fast and gives natural results. This technique consists of two steps: first the surgeon perform a liposuction to remove the fat localized in areas such the abdomen, waist, hips or thighs. Then the fat is subjected to an optimization process to purify it...

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