The first sign of aging is noticeable in the face, without a doubt, and we see it reflected in the flaccidity, drooping cheeks and expression lines that can be accentuated as the years go by mainly because our body reduces the production of collagen and elastin. Currently aesthetic medicine offers various options for facial rejuvenation that are also minimally invasive, this is the case of threads lifts.

Have you heard about them? Here we bring you the 5 essential things you should know.

How is it?

These threads are made of a polypropylene material that is biocompatible, resorbable and antiallergic used in various surgeries which makes them very safe. Places like Baja Plastic Surgery offer spiculated or serrated types, these turn out to be the most suitable option to treat areas with greater flaccidity such as cheeks and neck.

How is the treatment?

For the procedure, local anesthesia is applied, after these small incisions will be made where the cannula that will place the thread at the dermal level will be inserted, usually the necessary threads are placed to raise the areas where flaccidity occurs. After placing the threads the doctor will place a special adhesive tape that must be maintained according to the doctor’s instructions.

What aftercare should I have?

After the procedure there may be slight swelling and bruising that will disappear in the course of days. If you have a lot of pain or inflammation, it is necessary to take the medications indicated for this. It is also necessary to avoid, scratch or touch the area where the threads were placed during the following 24 hours in addition to avoiding physical activities in which you could be hit with something

How long do they last?

The first effects are visible after an hour, the results will be most noticeable 3 months after the implantation of the threads. The lifting effect will be maintained for up to 6 or 8 years thanks to the permanence of the collagen envelope generated.

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