It is common for people with excess breast tissue to consider a reduction due to back problems, burning sensation, fatigue or pain, however, in many cases they postpone treating this area for fear of the operating room. Currently there is another alternative to treat this area that is less invasive and just as effective as a surgical reduction, this option is breast liposuction.

This procedure seeks to eliminate as much fat as possible and avoid internal damage to the skin or muscles, therefore, it is very useful if what is intended is to reduce the volume of this area, in case the size is by mammary tissue a mastopexy should be done. Breast reduction with lipolaser can be performed in both men and women, later we will give you more details about this procedure.

If your chest size is very large, you are a good candidate. Carrying out a preliminary assessment can help define the amount that should be eliminated.

How is it performed?

Local anesthesia is usually used to numb the area. General anesthesia is not always required and small incisions are made that allow the introduction of the laser that will work by melting the adipose tissue, once it is already in a more liquid state, the cannula that will suck the fat is inserted through the same incisions.

  • This procedure takes about an hour
  • The effect of the laser simultaneously helps the skin adhere to the muscle and thus avoid sagging
  • The incisions do not require stitches and will close over the course of weeks and fade in a matter of months.
  • You can retake your daily activities next day.

Regarding the subsequent changes that you will be able to perceive, you will notice that the skin will return to its usual position, in addition to the recovery will be prompt. The procedure will not change the color or size of your nipples.

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