Buttock augmentation is currently the most requested surgery in new patients who go to the plastic surgeon, this trend has resulted in clinics offering this procedure with greater promotion, which is not exactly good, the search to offer accessible procedures for everyone it can have consequences.

Although the two most common methods to increase the volume of this area are lipoinjection and buttock implants, there was a time when clinics were not as exposed to the recommendations and comments of their patients as they are currently through their web pages and social networks, it was here in this environment of discretion where bad practices occurred that promised (and fulfilled) a buttock augmentation for a lower price through a simpler and quicker-recovery intervention that consisted of silicone injections.

Organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration of the United States warn about the consequences of the application of this product:

Silicone oil is a liquid siloxane polymer used in lubricants and caulking materials. Its use has not been authorized for aesthetic purposes, such as outlining the figure or increasing the volume of certain areas. […] Injectable silicone is permanent, with side effects that can occur just after injection and even years after treatment. Silicone spreads and travels easily within the body, which can bring worse and adverse effects and make difficult or even impossible to remove surgically silicone oil […]

When injected into areas with many blood vessels, such as the buttocks, the silicone clogs these vessels, even reaching the lungs, heart, or brain. This can lead to permanent tissue damage and lead to stroke or death.

Later the consequences of removing the injectable silicone on a large scale can bring more risks and serious complications, even not completely eliminating it from the body. Sometimes multiple surgeries are needed to treat symptoms years after the first injection occurred, and even then, people may continue to experience ongoing pain, infection, and permanent scarring and disfigurement that will require ongoing treatment.

The recommendations are not to use injectable silicone or any other filler material to define the body contour under any circumstances, regardless of whether it is offered at a cheap or expensive price and even if the person offering it is a ” health professional ”

If you are looking to undergo cosmetic surgery, ask all the pertinent questions to make the best decision.
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