Smoking causes noticeable changes in our body, in addition to the obviously serious ones such as cancer or respiratory problems. If we put aside these serious consequences, we must also take into consideration how it affects our skin.

A cigarette contains hundreds of substances that are harmful to the human body, the most prevalent being nicotine, which causes a decrease in blood flow. In addition, inhaling carbon monoxide makes this chemical compound compete with oxygen in the union for hemoglobin, decreasing cellular oxygenation and thus causing premature aging. The body should do a faster cell turnover to replenish itself, but due to the action of tobacco, it is unable.

Another action of tobacco on the skin is the great reduction of collagen. Although it is true that, over the years, collagen decreases, tobacco accelerates this in addition to pigmentation turning in to gray and yellow tones. Although it will be visible in the entire body dermis, over the years, it will be even more visible on the fingers of the hands, showing these in an exaggerated yellow tone.

There will also be a loss in the ability to heal, generating marks and signals with each small wound suffered. With a greater proximity to toxins, the perioral skin, the one that surrounds the lips, will be among the first to notice symptoms. Not just toxic ones, but repeated sucking will create the dreaded barcode wrinkles that are so difficult to treat.

If you want to counteract these effects with the use of cream and cosmetics, you should know that their effect will not be the same as in a person who does not smoke. Tobacco reduces the absorption capacity of these components and they are practically ineffective.

Maintaining good habits should be extended even at parties. On these days of celebration, prioritize your health.

Baja Plastic Surgery wishes you an Excellent 2021! May all your purposes be fulfilled and may beauty abound today and always.