We know that nowadays, thanks to advances in medicine and technology, plastic surgery is one of the most effective methods to achieve the body of our dreams. 

The highly advanced methods used by surgeons in Tijuana have been recognized by foreigners, mainly in countries like the United States and Canada. This is why Baja Plastic Surgery has become the favorite place for hundreds of people to perform plastic surgery.

There are different types of plastic surgery to get your dream body, however, some of the most requested at Baja Plastic Surgery are:


One of the most known methods, even for people who have never had any plastic surgery, is liposuction. It consists of the extraction of body fat to use later for shaping some other areas of the body.

A myth about this procedure is that it’s very effective for weight loss, and although some weight can be lost, in reality, this procedure is more focused on shaping the body’s silhouette. For people seeking weight loss, another type of procedure is recommended and liposuction could be performed later to achieve the desired results.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation in Tijuana is another one of the most requested procedures in plastic surgery. This surgery is perfect for all those people who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts and want to increase them. Another benefit is that it gives firmness with a natural appearance.

Usually, people get this procedure with others such as buttock augmentation to completely achieve the figure they want.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Complementing the procedures mentioned before, the butt lift not only works to add volume to the butt but also, to lifting it, giving firmness that is usually seen in celebrities.

This procedure consists of extracting fat from areas such as: hips, abdomen, thighs, etc. Fat is extracted from these areas of the body and once extracted it’s inserted into the buttocks to shape it, resulting in a more round and firm butt.

Gastric Sleeve, a complementary surgery

As mentioned before, there are specific surgeries for weight loss if you need it and one of the most effective is gastric sleeve surgery Tijuana. This surgery reduces the size of the stomach up to 75%, leaving it the size of a banana. The benefits: You will feel full faster, which will cause you to lose fat quickly, and, fortunately for you, the risks of this surgery are very low, and long-term results (beyond 5 years) have not shown any signs of risk either.

Weight reduction can be up to 80% in people who undergo this surgery. It’s important to keep in mind that to keep the results you must take care of your diet, so it’s important to go to a nutritionist in Tijuana to help you maintain a diet with vitamins and mineral supplements.

It’s important to maintain physical activity and keep seeing a nutritionist once you recover from surgery so you can follow a healthy eating regimen and get long-term results. 

All these procedures are just a few minutes from the US border

Baja Plastic Surgery is a clinic with more than 20 years of experience. We are one of the most renowned clinics in the city and every year we receive hundreds of foreign patients who decide to get one or more plastic surgeries to obtain the body of their dreams.

Don’t think about it anymore and fulfill that dream that has been in your mind for so long, schedule your appointment and let us help you achieve it.