It is common that when we begin to notice changes in our face we begin to ask about the different options that can help us according to our needs, if we have furrows, wrinkles, flaccidity, scars, etc. And although there is a procedure for each situation, there is one in particular that offers us a radical renewal, this is the FAMI.

What is FAMI?

Body fat transfer or lipolifting, also known as FAMI (facial autologous muscular injection), involves the extraction and transfer of your own fat to other areas of the body, the most popular known is buttock augmentation with fat transfer, but this procedure also It can be performed on other areas of the body such as chest, calves, among others.

What benefits can it bring me?

Above all, in the face area it can be greatly beneficial as it can help us with the reduction of lip wrinkles, acne marks, cheekbones or chin and give a filling effect where furrows of facial expressions, scars are already appreciated and offer a face lift effect.

What are the risks of this technique?

In addition, this technique can reduce the risk of rejection of fat transfer in the body thanks to the fact that, as it is its own fat, its biocompatibility will not bring allergy or rejection, in the same way the healing will be faster and without major complications.

How long last these results?

This procedure has long-term results. Because the cells are integrated into the living tissue that surrounds them. Plastic surgeons recommend adding additional fat cells in case they are absorbed by the body.

To complement you can add an eyebrow lift with threads and botox in the areas where the gesticulations can be very marked, this type of procedure can be performed together with the FAMI without any problem.

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