What Exactly is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

A gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure usually recommended for patients with overweight with an IMC 50 or higher that, for certain reasons, can’t lose weight. Even when the person has an adequate diet and has tried to exercise without losing weight.

Gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure that consists of reducing the stomach by 70% or 80% to the point of making it as small as a banana so that the patient can fill it up easily.

Benefits of the surgery 

Gastric sleeve surgery offers many benefits to the patient in the short and long term.

This kind of surgery can help the patient to lose 60% to 70% of their current weight, although the amount of weight loss depends on each patient and their characteristics.

Another benefit this procedure offers compared to other bariatric surgeries is the fact that the patient achieves much faster results. In addition to being safe when performed by professionals, it is one of the procedures with the lowest rate of complications during and after the operation. Because of these benefits, the recovery is faster, around 7 – 10 days. 

Recovery and post-op care

Once the patient has surgery, certain care must be done and some activities have to be changed or reduced so the patient can have a faster and more effective recovery. Some of this care is focused on daily activities and food.

When we talk about activities, we mean that during the first weeks after the surgery the patient will not be able to perform any activities that take lots of physical efforts, such as doing some sport or exercise. This also means lifting objects that are too heavy, so if the patient is a person who goes to the GYM every day or does some other activity where they have to lift an excessive weight, they should avoid it for a while.

When talking about food, it is recommended to take and eat liquid meals during the first days, such as soups, broths, infusions, etc. Once the time has passed, you should go with your surgeon so that he can tell you if it is recommended for you to start including milk, meat, fish, chicken or any other type of food.

Weight loss success stories

There are cases of people who got this surgery and had a personal review to tell about their recovery. 

Several patients notice what has already been mentioned before, when eating they can feel how they get full more easily than previous the surgery. In addition to the fact that weight loss can be easily noticed in areas such as the abdomen or the back of the arms. Someone who has undergone gastric sleeve surgery 10 years later ensures that the results are still favorable.

Even though this procedure has helped thousands of patients to lose weight, it does not mean that anyone can undergo this surgery, mainly because this procedure is only performed on people with greater obesity or who cannot lose weight due to certain conditions. 

10 Years After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

What are the results of having a gastric sleeve surgery 10 years later? Although it is true that during the first months you will get all the benefits of losing weight, it is very likely that gastric sleeve surgery 10 years later will no longer have the same effect.

This is why 10 years after having a gastric sleeve there are cases of people who begin to gain weight again. The reason is not because the stomach has returned to its original state, but to the fact that they did not maintain the proper diet or the necessary care to maintain their ideal weight. A gastric sleeve surgery 10 years later can still help the person to continue losing weight if they propose it and maintain their care properly. That is why gastric sleeve surgery should always be seen as a help tool and not as the definitive solution.

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