Bariatric surgery is one of the most requested surgeries by those patients looking to lose weight effectively without resorting to a traditional method. The main reason is that bariatric surgery is recommended mainly for people with obesity who cannot stop eating and, due to their mass and mobility, it is difficult or impossible for them to lose weight with traditional methods such as a good diet or exercise.

Overview of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Bariatric surgery (also known as gastric sleeve surgery) reduces the stomach size by 70% to 80%, leaving it about the size of a banana. This type of stomach reduction will make the patient who underwent surgery fill up faster. Bariatric surgery has two ways of being performed; the first consists in reducing the stomach, while the second is known as gastric bypass, which, similar to the traditional one, reduces the size of the stomach with the difference that it has a duct that connects directly with the intestine, thus making the patient fill up faster and digest food quicker.

Both methods above are equally effective; however, before requesting either of these procedures, the patient must first undergo an evaluation with the surgeon, who will determine which approach best suits their needs based on the results. Following the surgeon’s instructions when undergoing the procedure is essential so that the Gastric Sleeve Surgery Recovery Time will be faster.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Recovery Timeline

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Recovery Time is not something that happens overnight; that is why you must be very careful and, most importantly, measure responsibly the time it will take to have a more timely recovery.

Unlike other surgeries, the Gastric Sleeve Surgery Recovery Time can extend to weeks. This does not mean that the patient will be entirely at rest during this time, but to resume regular food consumption or any other type of activity, the patient will have to wait for some time.

Pain Management

Typically, during the Gastric Sleeve Surgery Recovery Time, some pain may occur, mainly during the first few days, because the stomach is recovering after receiving stitches and also because it is in the process of adaptation. This pain can be effectively controlled with some pre-prescribed painkillers and should subside during the first few days after surgery.

Even so, if this type of pain becomes more intense or does not improve, it may be due to some post-surgical complication, which should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible before it escalates and causes serious problems. Although this type of complication does not occur often, you should always be alert to any unusual pain after surgery, so that, with the help of the surgeon, you can have a timely intervention.

Diet and Exercise

Keeping a healthy diet is one of the best ways to have a faster Gastric Sleeve Surgery Recovery Time. All those patients who undergo gastric sleeve surgery are always recommended to eat healthily, not only because it helps their recovery but also because it complements the weight loss after the surgery. It is advisable not to include foods that involve the consumption of red meats since these are recommended to be eaten after four weeks have passed, so chicken and fish will always be good options; in addition, you can not consume any type of beverage that involves alcohol, energy drinks or any carbonated soft drink, on the contrary, the consumption of natural water should replace them.

As if this were not enough, exercising will be one of the best alternatives to have a better Gastric Sleeve Surgery Recovery Time; these exercises must be focused on the recovery of mobility, such as walking or jogging, so any type of exercise that involves carrying weight cannot be done for a while or until the surgeon in question tells you to do so.

Tips for a Successful Recovery

A key recommendation for a faster Gastric Sleeve Surgery Recovery Time is to attend the revision appointments with the surgeon who performed the procedure promptly. Following with the surgeon is crucial for a better recovery since the surgeon can quickly detect any anomaly or problem that requires attention. 

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