Something that is always in mind when considering having plastic surgery is the availability that we will have to undergo it, since the essential part of its success is the rest that we must maintain.

In many surgeries, the time required to heal does not adapt to our rhythm of life since 1 weekend or a couple of days off is not always sufficient, so this time we will talk about the estimated recovery times according to the type of surgery, do not forget that if it is in your hands to comply with a rigorous rest do not hesitate to do it because the results will be better!

Breast augmentation

Those who undergo this procedure can retake activities that do not require much effort in approximately 5 – 6 days after the procedure, movements that require greater physical effort should be avoided until the 10 days are completed. Work can be resumed if it is in office after 1 week.


Patients who undergo this type of surgery can resume their work on the 2nd day of the intervention if it does not involve interacting closely with people or in spaces with crowds, after the 9th day the plaster splint that is placed can be removed. The inflammation and some bruises can last for approximately 12 days.


Recovery from this procedure is in a relatively short time since the patient is usually independent on the second day of the procedure, if this is done in a small area, they can take back their regular activities the same day. To come back to work activities it will be necessary to wait between 3-5 days, everything will depend on the area and its extent where liposuction was practiced.

Tummy tuck

This procedure is one of those with a longer recovery time and the results will depend a lot on the rest the person takes. Those who recover from this procedure require support to perform fundamental activities such as eating, going to the bathroom and sitting for at least 10 days. If your work is sedentary, it can be resumed in the following 14 days, if it involves constant physical effort, it must be resumed in 21 days.


This procedure has a minimum recovery time, the medical indications regularly will only require to wear sunglasses the day after the intervention thereafter for 3 more days, on the 5th day work activities including driving can be retake.

Face lift

The patient usually feels good after 1 week, however, there may be slight discomfort and headaches, the wounds will heal until after 3 weeks, after the 1st month it will not be possible to return to work if performed facing the public.

Remember to be patient and before the operation to estimate the approximate recovery time and a little more in case you want more rest, take advantage of extended periods such as your holidays to be able to rest without worries. At Baja Plastic Surgery we are interested in your recovery, therefore, our doctors give online post-operative follow-ups in case you need guidance.

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