On the puberty occur many changes, in the case of men it seems that every day something changes, these changes are reflected in the growth of some parts of the body such as facial hair, height and sometimes the chest area, this last the most difficult to assume. Although it does not occur in all men and in some cases, it is only temporary, that is why is necessary to pay particular attention.

Male breast augmentation is more common than you might think, this condition affects 40% of the male population, this can bring insecurities, psychological problems, or diseases such as cancer. In this condition, a young man can develop breast tissue and it will be due to the hormonal changes that occur during puberty due to a high production of estrogens, although this is its most common cause, sometimes it can be a side effect from the use of certain medications or predisposition to fat accumulation in this area.

Those who suffer from gynecomastia often seek alternatives and a definitive solution, if a weight reduction has not given the expected results, an evaluation will be necessary to rule out any serious disease, a medical history is usually requested to assess growth and a physical examination in the one that the doctor through the palpation of the breasts will establish a diagnosis, once it is ensured that the increase is not caused by any pathology, the doctor will show the alternatives to reduce the volume of this area.

The following surgeries can correct the volume of this area:

Liposuction: mostly requested for cases in which there is only fat accumulation, local anesthesia is used, its recovery is quick and there is no bleeding

Removal with surgery: when liposuction is not an option to reduce volume, it is possible to remove the mammary gland, it does not affect the patient’s daily life if it is removed since the gland does not fulfill any function in men.

Mammoplasty: it is recommended in severe cases where in addition to extracting fat and gland, it is also necessary to reduce the skin excess.

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