Non-surgical aesthetic procedures. – It’s Sunday afternoon, you find yourself browsing on your social media, then you realize that Super Bowl 2023 is only one week away, which means that Valentine’s Day is only 9 days away – Only 9 days! –

Whether you have a romantic dinner planned with your special someone or your family, drinks with your best friends or a night dedicated to yourself, we are sure you want to look fabulous! If you forgot about this special date, we have good news for you, non-surgical aesthetic procedures can help you freshen up, with a very short recovery time.

Non-surgical aesthetic procedures

Non-surgical aesthetic procedures are those that don’t require intervention in a surgery room, are generally performed under local or topical anesthesia (sometimes with no anesthesia at all) and there is no need for special preparations such as fasting or prior blood tests.

The recovery is usually much faster than when having a surgical procedure, this doesn’t mean that we should not be careful or wait a little bit to see the results, at the end of the day, whether we are talking about plastic surgery or non-surgical procedure, it is not magic and we must do our part in the post-procedure process and always be patient, don’t we agree?

When we talk about non-surgical aesthetic procedures, there is a wide range of options that can be adapted to the special needs of each particular patient, from lasers such as the fractional Co2 laser to slightly more complex procedures such as thread lift or double chin liposuction. It is always very important to consult a specialist for advice, and of course, to discover which is the best option based on our needs.

Although technology has advanced a lot and today non-surgical aesthetic procedures allow us to improve many areas of our body, it is important to be aware that these procedures have limitations, and sometimes our treating doctor can suggest surgery if he or she thinks that what we are looking for cannot be treated with a non-surgical procedure.

Without further information, we present a list of:

5 popular non-surgical aesthetic procedures in our clinic – that will make you feel fabulous this February 14th -.

1. Botox

Botox can be your best ally this February 14th so you can smile, be surprised and enjoy each of your emotions without fear of showing your wrinkles or expression lines.

Among non-surgical aesthetic procedures, Botox must probably be the most popular. Botox how we commonly know the botulinum toxin type A. Botulinum toxin, or Botox, is a protein that is applied through injections in areas where there are wrinkles and other imperfections, providing a younger appearance.

Botox injections work by weakening and paralyzing certain muscles or by blocking some nerves, the effect lasts between three and four months.

Being part of non-surgical aesthetic procedures, the recovery is very fast. You will be able to carry out your normal activities immediately after the procedure. The first results are seen in approximately 48-72 hours.

You can find information about the benefits and care of this procedure HERE.

2. Facial Fillers (Hyaluronic Acid)

Do you want sexy and full lips for that special date? This is the procedure you were looking for!

Dermal fillers, just fillers, also known as bioplasty, are non-surgical aesthetic procedures that consist of the application of hyaluronic acid that gives volume and/or firmness to different areas of the face, resulting in facial rejuvenation without the need for surgical intervention. As a non-invasive treatment, you can leave the clinic immediately after its application.

Here are some before-after photos of our patients after the filler’s application:

non-surgical aesthetic procedures non-surgical aesthetic procedures

3. Fraxel laser Co2

Although this procedure will keep you out of the sun with a red face, or probably a little burned for a week, we assure you that after 5-7 days you will feel radiant and renewed! -Just in time for that perfect Valentine’s selfie with your friends –

Among the non-surgical aesthetic procedures, the fractional Co2 laser is indicated to treat wrinkles, acne or surgical scars, sun damage, birthmarks, hyperpigmentation, and even other skin conditions. The results are smoother and healthier skin. Tone, color, and elasticity improve.

Compared to the non-surgical aesthetic procedures mentioned above, fractional Co2 laser post-procedure care is a little more specific, and recovery takes approximately 5-7 days in which the skin regenerates and the inflammation that may appear calms down.

To speed up the recovery process, it is necessary to use an adequate skincare treatment with special products and sunscreen. We recommend the line of growth factors from ENTICE SKIN CARE, to accelerate and improve your results.

4. PRP

If the Fractionated Co2 Laser caught your attention, but you have many Pre-Valentine’s activities that you cannot miss, or you simply cannot risk having a slightly raw face on the day of that long-awaited appointment, then the PRP may be a better option for you.

 Non-surgical cosmetic procedures are very attractive due to their quick recovery, and PRP fully delivers on that!

Platelet-rich plasma is used as a procedure for facial rejuvenation, it is applied to the skin of the face, deep grooves, wrinkles, neck, neckline, and hands, with excellent results. PRP prevents the appearance of wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin, providing luminosity and improving its texture.

The result is not instant because the growth factors must act by stimulating the tissue. In general, the results are observed 20-30 days after the session, however, from the first days there is an improvement in the luminosity of the skin, which will allow you to see yourself radiant on Valentine’s Day.

5. Microdermabrasion

If your plans include relax and pamper yourself, microdermabrasion is a good option. You can do it even on the 14th and have an appointment with yourself afterwards.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive aesthetic procedure that removes the most superficial layers of the skin. It is like a peeling but less aggressive. Microdermabrasion, as well as other non-surgical aesthetic procedures, is a safe treatment with very few complications and with which you can achieve excellent results.

Compared to those mentioned above, in order to see a change, it is necessary to have at least 3 sessions, which is why it is indicated if you only have a spa day in mind, and not if you are looking for a big difference for a family meal on the day of Valentine, for example.

BONUS: Thread lift (Non-surgical lifting)

Thread lift is highly requested among our patients, however, contrary to other non-surgical aesthetic procedures, recovery is much slower, although the results are fabulous! This procedure would be indicated to give yourself a lasting Valentine’s gift, since our threads are unique and have an effect that lasts approximately 6-8 years.

Thread lift help tighten and reposition skin that has sagged due to age. In this way, it provides the dermis firmness and smoothness, lifting the facial tissues. The type and technique of application of these long-lasting threads, had been developed in our clinic.

You can see our before and after gallery HERE.

Non-surgical aesthetic procedures as a Valentine’s gift.

Beauty -besides quality time and pampering- will always be the best gift; Whether you want to give your loved one these short recovery non-surgical cosmetic procedures or want to treat yourself a bit, you can contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation, in which we will provide you with an estimate for the procedure of your interest.

Have a happy and beautiful Valentine’s Day!