When a person suffers from obesity, many areas of his life can be seriously affected. Among the main ones is health, because when a person suffers from obesity, it is very likely that they suffer from a health problem, among the most common are diabetes and hypertension, these conditions can have serious consequences if treatment is not applied by a proper doctor.


In addition to health, another of the most visible implications of being overweight are those that they have on the physical appearance of the person who suffers from it and this in turn can affect the mental health of the person, lowering their self-esteem and even affecting their social life, since a large part of people who are overweight cannot or find it difficult to perform certain activities and this can sometimes limit them. This type of issue sometimes causes people to no longer have the desire to live with other people and this affects their mood, since social interaction is essential to feel good. 


A large percentage of people who suffer from obesity have tried to lose weight through common means such as exercise and diet and have not been able to do it, which can lead to frustration and even resignation, but as mentioned, they suffer from obesity in the long run it can bring more problems than benefits, so resigning will never be the best option. Fortunately for all the people who face this condition and who try as hard as they can and don’t see any change or positive result, weight loss surgeries exist, and can help them lose weight quickly.


What is a Mexico weight loss surgery? 

There are many weight loss surgeries, but the most popular weight loss surgery, is gastric sleeve surgery, is a one of the bariatric surgeries that aims to help the person lose weight quickly, which has caused it to become one of the most popular weight loss surgeries in Mexico nowadays.


The gastric band divides the stomach into two portions, in order that the food accumulates faster so that the patient feels full faster and thus consumes less food. The amount and speed of food through the stomach will depend on the adjustment that is given to the band, these adjustments are decided by the doctor in the same evaluation where revision surgeries is made to choose the most appropriate one for the patient; this is done by adding a saline solution in the gastric band that causes it to increase in size and can tighten the stomach more.


Are there problems with this Mexico weight loss surgery?

With weight loss surgeries there may be certain complications, among which are the following:

  • Formation of clots 
  • The band can erode the stomach or move out of the position in which it was placed
  • Malnutrition
  • Allergic reactions to anesthesia
  • Infections
  • Involuntary vomiting when you eat a lot food

These are some problems that could occur after bariatric surgeries, however if the weigh loss procedures are carried out in a loss surgery center and by a certified expert and the patient follows all the indications with the proper medical care it is very rare that any of these problems will happen.


Benefits of a weight loss surgery Mexico 


Bariatric surgeries, especially this one can offer a large number of benefits to the person who undergoes it, among the main ones we can find the following: It does

  • Not modify the patient’s anatomy irreversibly, but rather temporarily
  • It is a very safe bariatric technique, with a mortality rate of 0.05% It
  • Only requires one night of hospitalization in the intensive care unit and later the patient can quickly return to his daily life
  • In case of failure, it can be extracted without complications to perform another technique
  • It helps to consume small portions of food to avoid compulsive eating


Things to consider post – surgery


Following the instructions after surgery is always essential so that the results can be observed and so that there is no type complication. When a person undergoes this type of weight loss procedures, they think that weight loss happens magically, however, although it is a quick process compared to a traditional one such as diet and exercise, the reality is that weight loss with this surgery It occurs progressively for up to 3 years, although the first results are visible in a short time.


It is important that the person who undergoes this surgery considers that there should be a change in their diet and lifestyle so that the changes are effective and lasting and also to avoid complications. It is also advisable to go to the doctor every month to carry out a check-up and assure us that everything is going well. Before any unusual symptoms or pain, it is essential to see a doctor. 


At Baja Plastic Surgery we are experts in gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, we have helped hundreds of patients lose weight quickly through this surgery, so if you want to be part of these success stories, we invite you to contact us to offer you more information.