In the postoperative period, all the necessary precautions and care must be taken to minimize risks and improve the results, these cares include the use of compression garments such as girdles.

Specialists recommend the use of specialized garments that greatly reduce bleeding and inflammation, the girdles are usually elastic bands with fabric that cover the intervened areas such as abdominal, waist, back, legs, arms etc. and are intended to exert constant and uniform pressure.

Compression garments enhance the tissue recovery process by stimulating blood circulation and skin irrigation accelerating healing. Improving circulation in the intervened regions prevents the formation of clots and fluid retention, common effects after a surgical intervention.

These garments also keep the intervened fabrics in place after the operation; considerably restricting the movement of certain areas of the body without limiting the mobility or posture of the patient, allowing them to function in their daily activities.

It is important to understand that the girdle is essential in the postoperative period for all the aforementioned and that its use lasts for a limited time, previously established by the specialist – an average of 1 to 3 months.

Always remember to go to a specialist if you have doubts regarding the use of these garments, whether you want to use a tighter or one that you feel more comfortable, the success of your surgery depends largely on the aftercare.

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