In recent years, the number of cosmetic procedures has increased considerably, unfortunately the procedures performed by unlicensed physicians also have increased, and most of them do not complete the minimum requirements.

This has led to an increase in the number of patients with complications and unsatisfactory results that lead to permanent complications or future problems. For this reason, we reiterate that undergoing cosmetic treatment should not be taken lightly, you must inquiring about the clinic’s and making an exhaustive search for trained doctors is essential.

Here are some recommendations to take if you have already decided to undergo in to a procedure

Meet your doctor

You must go to a direct consultation with the surgeon who performs the procedures so he can solve all the specific doubts you may have, when you go to the clinic you have to meet him directly, do not accept assessment inquiries from someone else who works in the clinic as sales staff, receptionists or nurses, since all questions must be solved by a professional who explains to you in detail how this will be carried out.

Check licenses

It is necessary to check that their licenses are valid, make sure that they are part of the association that validates their specialty as well as the fulfillment of their studies and accreditations necessary to work.

Plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are different, the first mentioned have training to perform reconstructive aesthetic treatments, some specialties offer aesthetic treatments, this is the case of ophthalmologists, dermatologists and otorhinolaryngologists.

Make sure that the specialist can carry out the treatment offered as well as their membership in the corresponding association that validates their work.

Be prepared for the consultation

To take better advantage of the first assessment, make a list of questions and doubts that you want to solve.

Be aware of the risks and complications that may result from the procedure because the can be NOT SATISFACTORY and ask about this in detail to have more elements to help you make the decision.

Be aware of low prices

Your decision should not be completely limited by the price of the procedure, taking in mind that choosing economic options can mean less quality or professionalism. Compare rates and do not get carried away by limited offers or pressure to take advantage of a promotion.

Always keep in mind that a health professional has a clinic that supports their work. At Baja Plastic Surgery we have more than 18 years of experience, learn more about our procedures and get a consult with our surgeons to learn more about them, here, your well-being and beauty is our priority.