In recent years, the feminine tendency is to keep the body with that hourglass silhouette, however, it is a difficult silhouette to achieve unless we have a little help …

With this “ boom ” on the pursuit for a flat stomach, a large number of clinics and spas have included in their procedure a treatment called Mesotherapy which promises to help reducing sizes and defining the body contour, while not requiring of surgeries and mentions being a minimally invasive procedure.

The main contribution of mesotherapy is that it helps improve the lymphatic drainage of the fat itself, which helps the loss of a few centimeters.

It must be considered that if your goal is to have a notorious reduction in sizes, mesotherapy will not give these results.

If the objective is to reduce localized fat significantly (between 2 and 3 sizes) the most effective option is laser liposuction, which basically consists of extracting the fat through a cannula accompanied by a laser, which, increase the removal of it by melting adipose tissue.

Whether you opt for a less invasive procedure such as mesotherapy or laser liposuction, always remember to go with professionals in the area, as well as ask for answers to any questions you may have.

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