It is recurrent to notice with weight gain there are specific areas where you perceive that the fat has mostly accumulated, it can be concentrated in areas such as abdomen, arms, hips, or legs. There are also some cases in which you may perceive that this increase in proportions has been concentrated in an unusual way or that it has not been distributed throughout the body but only in the legs, if this is the case, it could be a lipoedema.


Lipoedema is a progressive disease and its origin is not clear yet, it has been mentioned that it could be genetic, or a hormonal component, sometimes it begins or intensifies coinciding with a change in hormone levels (puberty, pregnancy, menopause, taking anticonceptive pill etc…).

The disease occurs when fat cells increases and cause disproportion between the legs or arms (with a large accumulation of fat) compared with the rest of the body. The increase in the volume of adipose cells by fat deposition brings an increase in pressure in the tissues and brings with it the most damaging symptom: pain.\


In addition, it is common to present pain on palpation, specifically in areas such as the calves, the popliteal fossa and leg heaviness. There can be also sudden episodes of inflammation along with the appearance of the Coff cup, where the fat volume begins to accumulate just above the ankles and bruising can also occur.


The diagnosis of lipedema is clinical; therefore, it is necessary to make a consultation with a specialist in this who reviews the patient’s medical history in detail and a specific physical examination that confirms the pathology.


We must always remember to go first to a specialist who requests a general check-up of our health, the problem can go beyond from our appearance looks.