Mexico has become in recent years a country with world recognition in terms of cosmetic surgeries due to the quality of its professionals and the first-rate facilities in which they practice.

When starting the search for aesthetic procedures, it is common to start making comparisons with the recommendations, the place and especially the price. When looking at the average prices, it can particularly draw our attention that the prices in the United States make an aesthetic procedure unaffordable compared to the prices in Mexico and perhaps from there the great question will come: Why is it?

It is understandable to distrust a ridiculously cheap offer, but if a careful review has been made and the doctors’ licenses have been verified, it is a good sign. As is well known, higher education in Mexico is considerably more accessible compared to the United States. The most important medical schools in Mexico are free and highly selective, looking forward, the specialties also demand a high level in their students and a constant update in recognition of the council of surgeons among other organs that offer certifications to back up their practice.

It should also be taken into consideration that the general expenses that are incurred in maintaining a clinic or hospital such as electrical service, the internet and real estate are more accessible in Mexico, so it is not necessary to inflate the price to cover these expenses. Besides the medical material that, although the brands and certified products are the same in both countries in Mexico the price is lower, this can always be corroborated when comparing medicine prices.
In addition to all this, keep in mind that the expenses after your procedure such as post-surgical treatments and medications also have considerably lower prices than those that are had on the other side of the border.

If you have already started your search to undergo an aesthetic procedure, do not doubt your intuition. At Baja Plastic Surgery we offer a wide range of procedures performed by certified plastic surgeons, come to us and learn more about the benefits of going to a clinic with more than 18 years of experience!