Wednesday, February 17 2021

For it’s wonderful landscapes and beaches, Mexico has become one of the main tourist destinations, especially for people who come from United States and Canada. Currently Mexico also receives a large amount of medical tourism, thanks to the affordable prices and competitive services we offer. 


What are the main medical services people are getting in Mexico? 

Dental services and plastic surgery procedures are on the top of this list. The principal reason why people are looking at this services, is because they have a higher cost in other countries such as U.S. and Canada. Many people search for affordable prices where they can obtain this services with the same quality for a lower cost, like in Tijuana, Mexico. 


Now a days plastic surgery in Mexico is becoming more and more popular, social media and influencers are impacting the mind of a lot of followers, and now more people is looking for a cosmetic surgery to make the change they have always wanted in their appearance and increase their self-confidence. In the past, plastic surgery was not easily accessible, the costs were very high and practically impossible to pay except for a few people with a lot of money, actually in some countries this remain the same. Mexico is an exception, in Tijuana Mexico you can find popular plastic surgery procedures, like tummy tuck, rhinoplasty or liposuction for an affordable price, saving a lot of money compared to the U.S. and Canada. 


However, the fact that prices are so low in Mexico, costing only a fraction of what they would cost in other countries, makes people doubt the quality and reputation of the doctors and clinics is good and therefore, they doubt whether to get some cosmetic surgery procedure like a tummy tuck procedure, a rhinoplasty, a liposuction, a breast augmentation surgery or even plastic surgery packages in Mexico is a good idea, because they have the idea that an effective plastic surgery costs a lot of money, but in Mexico this is different, here you can find procedures like a tummy tuck at a good price and of the same quality as in the United States or Canada. 


How to choose the best plastic surgeon in Mexico

For plastic surgeries and reconstructive surgery procedures in the body it is very important to always take the time to search well and not let ourselves be guided by the first option that comes our way to find quality of care. Well, not all plastic surgery clinics are certified, nor do they have the experience and personnel necessary to perform these types of complex procedures. Plastic surgeries are invasive procedures in the body that if not performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon in Tijuana Mexico, can put the person’s health at risk, because a bad surgical procedure can not only leave the person looking bad aesthetically, but can also cause problems such as infections that if not well treated can even cause death.


These kinds of things are the main concerns of all people seeking plastic surgeries in Mexico, because as already mentioned, being so low cost compared to other countries like Canada and the U.S. can make people think that they are of poor quality. However, bad surgeons can be found anywhere in the world, not just in Mexico. In addition to the fact that in Mexico there are many board-certified surgeons who are properly prepared to perform different procedures, it is only a matter of searching well to find the best. 


The first and most important thing that you have to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon in Mexico is that he has the necessary certifications and experience to be able to perform plastic surgeries. Well, there are many doctors who pose as surgeons in Mexico when in fact they are not, verifying their certifications and the certifications of the medical facilities will never hurt. Today, thanks to technology and the internet, it is much easier to research a quality plastic surgery clinic in Tijuana Mexico and its surgeons to ensure that they have the necessary permits and certifications to be able to perform plastic surgeries in the body like a tummy tuck procedure, a rhinoplasty or a liposuction.  


Now most plastic surgery clinics have social networks and a website, where you can see photos of the thousands of patients before and after body procedures, the costs and all the necessary information about the plastic surgeries of your interest, like a tummy tuck procedure, a rhinoplasty, breast lifts or even a liposuction. You will also be able to find reviews of patients who have undergone procedures like a tummy tuck, a rhinoplasty and a liposuction in the clinic in Tijuana Mexico, and from the voice of those patients you will be able to know if the care and quality of the facilities and procedures is what you expect. It is always important to check this type of information, especially when you come to Mexico from another country, because only in this way can you make sure that the clinic you have chosen is good.  There are many advantages that technology offers us today, we have to know how to make the most of them for the benefit of our health and our physical appearance.  


Another thing that you should take into account before choosing the doctor who will operate on you is the procedure you want to perform, because although in Mexico there are many plastic surgeons with knowledge and experience to do a good job, each one has their own style and to achieve the results we are looking for, it is best that we choose the doctor who has a style very similar to the one we are looking for, since some have more experience and prefer to perform certain procedures and this is something that must be kept in mind. 


The care they offer you should also be good, because regularly after plastic surgery the person needs time to rest, so it is very likely that whoever undergoes a procedure will have to stay in a hotel, where they are prepared or prepared to return from Mexico to their country of origin, during this time they may need check-ups, so it is better for the clinic to offer the best care and the best follow-up so that it is easier for the patient to find a good hotel to stay and also receive appropriate aftercare. 

At Baja Plastic Surgery Center we offer affordable plastic surgery procedures in Tijuana Mexico such as mommy makeover Tijuana, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty and more, all with the guarantee of being performed by an experienced qualified plastic surgeon. If you want more information about our clinic, our prices and our personalized care, or have questions, we invite you to contact us, we will give all the information you need and will answer all your questions.

Saturday, February 13 2021

The first sign of aging is noticeable in the face, without a doubt, and we see it reflected in the flaccidity, drooping cheeks and expression lines that can be accentuated as the years go by mainly because our body reduces the production of collagen and elastin. Currently aesthetic medicine offers various options for facial rejuvenation that are also minimally invasive, this is the case of threads lifts.

Have you heard about them? Here we bring you the 5 essential things you should know.

How is it?

These threads are made of a polypropylene material that is biocompatible, resorbable and antiallergic used in various surgeries which makes them very safe. Places like Baja Plastic Surgery offer spiculated or serrated types, these turn out to be the most suitable option to treat areas with greater flaccidity such as cheeks and neck.

How is the treatment?

For the procedure, local anesthesia is applied, after these small incisions will be made where the cannula that will place the thread at the dermal level will be inserted, usually the necessary threads are placed to raise the areas where flaccidity occurs. After placing the threads the doctor will place a special adhesive tape that must be maintained according to the doctor’s instructions.

What aftercare should I have?

After the procedure there may be slight swelling and bruising that will disappear in the course of days. If you have a lot of pain or inflammation, it is necessary to take the medications indicated for this. It is also necessary to avoid, scratch or touch the area where the threads were placed during the following 24 hours in addition to avoiding physical activities in which you could be hit with something

How long do they last?

The first effects are visible after an hour, the results will be most noticeable 3 months after the implantation of the threads. The lifting effect will be maintained for up to 6 or 8 years thanks to the permanence of the collagen envelope generated.

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Friday, February 5 2021

It is common for people with excess breast tissue to consider a reduction due to back problems, burning sensation, fatigue or pain, however, in many cases they postpone treating this area for fear of the operating room. Currently there is another alternative to treat this area that is less invasive and just as effective as a surgical reduction, this option is breast liposuction.

This procedure seeks to eliminate as much fat as possible and avoid internal damage to the skin or muscles, therefore, it is very useful if what is intended is to reduce the volume of this area, in case the size is by mammary tissue a mastopexy should be done. Breast reduction with lipolaser can be performed in both men and women, later we will give you more details about this procedure.

If your chest size is very large, you are a good candidate. Carrying out a preliminary assessment can help define the amount that should be eliminated.

How is it performed?

Local anesthesia is usually used to numb the area. General anesthesia is not always required and small incisions are made that allow the introduction of the laser that will work by melting the adipose tissue, once it is already in a more liquid state, the cannula that will suck the fat is inserted through the same incisions.

  • This procedure takes about an hour
  • The effect of the laser simultaneously helps the skin adhere to the muscle and thus avoid sagging
  • The incisions do not require stitches and will close over the course of weeks and fade in a matter of months.
  • You can retake your daily activities next day.

Regarding the subsequent changes that you will be able to perceive, you will notice that the skin will return to its usual position, in addition to the recovery will be prompt. The procedure will not change the color or size of your nipples.

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Wednesday, January 27 2021

When a person suffers from obesity, many areas of his life can be seriously affected. Among the main ones is health, because when a person suffers from obesity, it is very likely that they suffer from a health problem, among the most common are diabetes and hypertension, these conditions can have serious consequences if treatment is not applied by a proper doctor.


In addition to health, another of the most visible implications of being overweight are those that they have on the physical appearance of the person who suffers from it and this in turn can affect the mental health of the person, lowering their self-esteem and even affecting their social life, since a large part of people who are overweight cannot or find it difficult to perform certain activities and this can sometimes limit them. This type of issue sometimes causes people to no longer have the desire to live with other people and this affects their mood, since social interaction is essential to feel good. 


A large percentage of people who suffer from obesity have tried to lose weight through common means such as exercise and diet and have not been able to do it, which can lead to frustration and even resignation, but as mentioned, they suffer from obesity in the long run it can bring more problems than benefits, so resigning will never be the best option. Fortunately for all the people who face this condition and who try as hard as they can and don’t see any change or positive result, weight loss surgeries exist, and can help them lose weight quickly.


What is a Mexico weight loss surgery? 

There are many weight loss surgeries, but the most popular weight loss surgery, is gastric sleeve surgery, is a one of the bariatric surgeries that aims to help the person lose weight quickly, which has caused it to become one of the most popular weight loss surgeries in Mexico nowadays.


The gastric band divides the stomach into two portions, in order that the food accumulates faster so that the patient feels full faster and thus consumes less food. The amount and speed of food through the stomach will depend on the adjustment that is given to the band, these adjustments are decided by the doctor in the same evaluation where revision surgeries is made to choose the most appropriate one for the patient; this is done by adding a saline solution in the gastric band that causes it to increase in size and can tighten the stomach more.


Are there problems with this Mexico weight loss surgery?

With weight loss surgeries there may be certain complications, among which are the following:

  • Formation of clots 
  • The band can erode the stomach or move out of the position in which it was placed
  • Malnutrition
  • Allergic reactions to anesthesia
  • Infections
  • Involuntary vomiting when you eat a lot food

These are some problems that could occur after bariatric surgeries, however if the weigh loss procedures are carried out in a loss surgery center and by a certified expert and the patient follows all the indications with the proper medical care it is very rare that any of these problems will happen.


Benefits of a weight loss surgery Mexico 


Bariatric surgeries, especially this one can offer a large number of benefits to the person who undergoes it, among the main ones we can find the following: It does

  • Not modify the patient’s anatomy irreversibly, but rather temporarily
  • It is a very safe bariatric technique, with a mortality rate of 0.05% It
  • Only requires one night of hospitalization in the intensive care unit and later the patient can quickly return to his daily life
  • In case of failure, it can be extracted without complications to perform another technique
  • It helps to consume small portions of food to avoid compulsive eating


Things to consider post – surgery


Following the instructions after surgery is always essential so that the results can be observed and so that there is no type complication. When a person undergoes this type of weight loss procedures, they think that weight loss happens magically, however, although it is a quick process compared to a traditional one such as diet and exercise, the reality is that weight loss with this surgery It occurs progressively for up to 3 years, although the first results are visible in a short time.


It is important that the person who undergoes this surgery considers that there should be a change in their diet and lifestyle so that the changes are effective and lasting and also to avoid complications. It is also advisable to go to the doctor every month to carry out a check-up and assure us that everything is going well. Before any unusual symptoms or pain, it is essential to see a doctor. 


At Baja Plastic Surgery we are experts in gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, we have helped hundreds of patients lose weight quickly through this surgery, so if you want to be part of these success stories, we invite you to contact us to offer you more information.

Friday, January 22 2021

Buttock augmentation is currently the most requested surgery in new patients who go to the plastic surgeon, this trend has resulted in clinics offering this procedure with greater promotion, which is not exactly good, the search to offer accessible procedures for everyone it can have consequences.

Although the two most common methods to increase the volume of this area are lipoinjection and buttock implants, there was a time when clinics were not as exposed to the recommendations and comments of their patients as they are currently through their web pages and social networks, it was here in this environment of discretion where bad practices occurred that promised (and fulfilled) a buttock augmentation for a lower price through a simpler and quicker-recovery intervention that consisted of silicone injections.

Organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration of the United States warn about the consequences of the application of this product:

Silicone oil is a liquid siloxane polymer used in lubricants and caulking materials. Its use has not been authorized for aesthetic purposes, such as outlining the figure or increasing the volume of certain areas. […] Injectable silicone is permanent, with side effects that can occur just after injection and even years after treatment. Silicone spreads and travels easily within the body, which can bring worse and adverse effects and make difficult or even impossible to remove surgically silicone oil […]

When injected into areas with many blood vessels, such as the buttocks, the silicone clogs these vessels, even reaching the lungs, heart, or brain. This can lead to permanent tissue damage and lead to stroke or death.

Later the consequences of removing the injectable silicone on a large scale can bring more risks and serious complications, even not completely eliminating it from the body. Sometimes multiple surgeries are needed to treat symptoms years after the first injection occurred, and even then, people may continue to experience ongoing pain, infection, and permanent scarring and disfigurement that will require ongoing treatment.

The recommendations are not to use injectable silicone or any other filler material to define the body contour under any circumstances, regardless of whether it is offered at a cheap or expensive price and even if the person offering it is a ” health professional ”

If you are looking to undergo cosmetic surgery, ask all the pertinent questions to make the best decision.
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Friday, January 15 2021

Mexico has become in recent years a country with world recognition in terms of cosmetic surgeries due to the quality of its professionals and the first-rate facilities in which they practice.

When starting the search for aesthetic procedures, it is common to start making comparisons with the recommendations, the place and especially the price. When looking at the average prices, it can particularly draw our attention that the prices in the United States make an aesthetic procedure unaffordable compared to the prices in Mexico and perhaps from there the great question will come: Why is it?

It is understandable to distrust a ridiculously cheap offer, but if a careful review has been made and the doctors’ licenses have been verified, it is a good sign. As is well known, higher education in Mexico is considerably more accessible compared to the United States. The most important medical schools in Mexico are free and highly selective, looking forward, the specialties also demand a high level in their students and a constant update in recognition of the council of surgeons among other organs that offer certifications to back up their practice.

It should also be taken into consideration that the general expenses that are incurred in maintaining a clinic or hospital such as electrical service, the internet and real estate are more accessible in Mexico, so it is not necessary to inflate the price to cover these expenses. Besides the medical material that, although the brands and certified products are the same in both countries in Mexico the price is lower, this can always be corroborated when comparing medicine prices.
In addition to all this, keep in mind that the expenses after your procedure such as post-surgical treatments and medications also have considerably lower prices than those that are had on the other side of the border.

If you have already started your search to undergo an aesthetic procedure, do not doubt your intuition. At Baja Plastic Surgery we offer a wide range of procedures performed by certified plastic surgeons, come to us and learn more about the benefits of going to a clinic with more than 18 years of experience!

Friday, January 8 2021

It is common that when we begin to notice changes in our face we begin to ask about the different options that can help us according to our needs, if we have furrows, wrinkles, flaccidity, scars, etc. And although there is a procedure for each situation, there is one in particular that offers us a radical renewal, this is the FAMI.

What is FAMI?

Body fat transfer or lipolifting, also known as FAMI (facial autologous muscular injection), involves the extraction and transfer of your own fat to other areas of the body, the most popular known is buttock augmentation with fat transfer, but this procedure also It can be performed on other areas of the body such as chest, calves, among others.

What benefits can it bring me?

Above all, in the face area it can be greatly beneficial as it can help us with the reduction of lip wrinkles, acne marks, cheekbones or chin and give a filling effect where furrows of facial expressions, scars are already appreciated and offer a face lift effect.

What are the risks of this technique?

In addition, this technique can reduce the risk of rejection of fat transfer in the body thanks to the fact that, as it is its own fat, its biocompatibility will not bring allergy or rejection, in the same way the healing will be faster and without major complications.

How long last these results?

This procedure has long-term results. Because the cells are integrated into the living tissue that surrounds them. Plastic surgeons recommend adding additional fat cells in case they are absorbed by the body.

To complement you can add an eyebrow lift with threads and botox in the areas where the gesticulations can be very marked, this type of procedure can be performed together with the FAMI without any problem.

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Wednesday, December 30 2020

Smoking causes noticeable changes in our body, in addition to the obviously serious ones such as cancer or respiratory problems. If we put aside these serious consequences, we must also take into consideration how it affects our skin.

A cigarette contains hundreds of substances that are harmful to the human body, the most prevalent being nicotine, which causes a decrease in blood flow. In addition, inhaling carbon monoxide makes this chemical compound compete with oxygen in the union for hemoglobin, decreasing cellular oxygenation and thus causing premature aging. The body should do a faster cell turnover to replenish itself, but due to the action of tobacco, it is unable.

Another action of tobacco on the skin is the great reduction of collagen. Although it is true that, over the years, collagen decreases, tobacco accelerates this in addition to pigmentation turning in to gray and yellow tones. Although it will be visible in the entire body dermis, over the years, it will be even more visible on the fingers of the hands, showing these in an exaggerated yellow tone.

There will also be a loss in the ability to heal, generating marks and signals with each small wound suffered. With a greater proximity to toxins, the perioral skin, the one that surrounds the lips, will be among the first to notice symptoms. Not just toxic ones, but repeated sucking will create the dreaded barcode wrinkles that are so difficult to treat.

If you want to counteract these effects with the use of cream and cosmetics, you should know that their effect will not be the same as in a person who does not smoke. Tobacco reduces the absorption capacity of these components and they are practically ineffective.

Maintaining good habits should be extended even at parties. On these days of celebration, prioritize your health.

Baja Plastic Surgery wishes you an Excellent 2021! May all your purposes be fulfilled and may beauty abound today and always.

Thursday, December 17 2020

Back pain is very common, perhaps there is no one who does not suffer from it and we understand that in recent months this problem has been exacerbated by spending so much time in front of the computer while doing home office. For this reason, this time we show you the simple exercises to prevent or relieve this common pain.
The pain is not exclusive to spending hours sitting, it can also happen when standing for a long time or when adopting a bad posture, for this it is necessary to strengthen the abdominal area.

You can start by gradually doing the following exercises:

Contract your abdomen. Perform sit-ups with your hands behind your neck and try to keep your torso straight, return to the starting position without touching the ground. It is recommended to perform 3 rounds of 12 repetitions.

Face-up leg raises. Lie down facing the ceiling and raise your legs to shoulder height, you can place your hands under your back. It is recommended to perform 3 rounds of 12 repetitions.

Lumbar extensions. Down with your hands behind your waist, raise your torso as much as you can and hold the posture for a few seconds. 3 rounds of 12 reps are recommended.

Lie on your right side and place your right arm stretched out on the floor and your left arm bent and resting on the floor. Raise your legs laterally and repeat 20 times on each side.

The plate. Again face down, and lifting your body with the tips of the toes, apply pressure with the arms and raise the body in a plank. Hold the pose for 5 seconds and do 15 reps.

Also remember to take walks frequently and get enough rest, part of our well-being is reflected in good habits.
Learn more recommendations to take care of your health in our next Blog!

Thursday, December 3 2020

In recent years, medspa procedures have become popular, offering skin treatments that help us correcting small imperfections without going through the scalpel. This time we will tell you more about microdermabrasion that has become the favorite of many thanks to its great benefits.

To begin, we will explain a little bit more about how it is carried out: this is a quick exfoliation that removes cells from the superficial layer of the skin. Using a special pencil that is made up of abrasive heads covered with small diamonds, a smooth polishing is carried out that removes old layers of the skin, bringing freshness, and a renewed skin without imperfections.

Among its benefits you are going to find

·         The session lasts between half and an hour ·         Eliminates fine wrinkles
·         The procedure is non-invasive ·         Removes dead skin cells
·         No chemicals are applied ·         Minimizes acne marks and small scars
·         Improved skin firmness ·         Eliminates subtle spots caused by the sun
·         The treatment is not painful

·         Stimulates the renewal of cells

·         The price is affordable

·         The sessions do not produce irritation


Besides being offered within facial treatments, microdermabrasion can also be performed in other areas such as the neck, chest, arms and back, to remove small spots caused by sun damage. It can also be a good complement to eliminate white or red stretch marks.

Microdermabrasion can be performed at any time of the year, however, it is more indicated when the temperatures are more pleasant, such as autumn and winter.

At Baja Plastic Surgery you will find this procedure in addition to many other treatments that can complement your skin care routine.

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