Thursday, October 15 2020

Nuestras manos son una carta de presentación, después de nuestros ojos son el siguiente contacto que tendremos con alguien, un saludo. También son las manos las mas expuestas en el transcurso de nuestro día, al calor, al frio, a la luz, al agua y superficies sucias por lo que debemos tener el mayor cuidado siempre, por eso, el tema de hoy estará enfocado en ellas y en como dedicarles una atención especial.

Aplicar protector solar es fundamental, tanto en rostro como en manos, esto es imprescindible, acostumbremos a siempre llevarlo en nuestro bolso para aplicar en cualquier momento. El frío, el aire y el sol son algunos de los enemigos con los que el cuidado de nuestras manos se topa todos los días.

Un spa express para manos es fácil de hacer, solo debes introducir tus manos en un bol con agua caliente a la que añadiremos 3 ó 4 cucharadas de maicena o harina de trigo durante 10 minutos. Después de secarlas aplicar unas gotitas de almendras o coco y frotarlas hasta conseguir la máxima absorción. Conseguirás una máxima hidratación y nutrición exprés en nuestras manos.

El momento de la ducha es uno de los mejores para el cuidado de nuestras manos porque puedes utilizar un exfoliado moderado sobre la piel. Luego aplica un buen masaje con vaselina neutra a la que puedes añadir unas gotas de tu perfume favorito para darle un toque personal.

Aprovecha esas horas de tranquilidad para usar guantes antiedad. Su misión es hidratar y repara las manos desde la piel hasta las uñas y cutículas. Sus principios activos y la función de ósmosis del guante provocan que haya una intensa penetración en el tejido convirtiéndose en una auténtica terapia.

Dedícales al día siguiente una manicura para dar ese toque final que no debe faltar.

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Thursday, October 8 2020

Every day a considerable number of people go for plastic surgery and agree that their main reason is to feel better about themselves. The sense of self-acceptance brings an improvement in self-esteem, which will bring positive changes in daily life in general.

Plastic surgery transcends the emotions of the patients, and in many cases brings remarkable psychological benefits. But isn’t like that emotional problems will magically disappear after changing the appearance, the lost self-esteem is not always found in an intervention.

In some cases, cosmetic surgery provides the self-confidence to deal with daily life, for example, cases of people who see an improvement in their sexual life and who gives them security. This, of course, varies between each person, any procedure improves aspects such as sexual life or coexistence among other people if there is a serious psychological problem. If that is the case, you should turn to a mental health professional such as a psychologist to help in these aspects.

An important sector of the population that has increased the demand for plastic surgeries are the teenagers. It is very important to be careful when dealing this with a teenager because in many aspects they are not mature enough to face these radical changes, perhaps the best way to cope with this situation is to discuss it in detail and with the assistance of a professional on the subject that can guide them and be able to define if the need to undergo a procedure is necessary or if it can wait until they are of legal age.

Performing plastic surgery is an issue with which you must be careful in addition to expecting realistic results, being fully aware of the limits of your body and that plastic surgeons do an ethical work that seeks improvement and will not copy the exact features that you show them of your favorite model. Beauty is also in accepting our differences and living with them fully and without worry.

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Friday, October 2 2020

A person who wishes to undergo cosmetic surgery must be in good health. This does not mean that if you suffer from any disease you will not be able to undergo a surgical procedure, but it does require being in optimal condition to avoid complications.

For example, there is a blood test that shows us that the person has a good thyroid and therefore surgery can be performed. The same happens with other chronic diseases such as those that affect blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, organs such as the lungs, kidneys, among others.
At the appointment with the surgeon, it is necessary to give prior information about the diseases suffered and later request complementary tests such as a cardiological evaluation and a blood test. There is the possibility of requesting a review by an internist and in certain cases by a specialist or the anesthesiologist to evaluate you and determine if you are in good condition.

Avoid omitting information about any illness, disease or medical complication in the past, this would have serious consequences for your surgery.
Remember that when you go to a clinic or hospital that seeks to perform a surgical procedure, you should always request a prior evaluation. The patient must have a relationship of trust with his doctor, this is essential to have a safe procedure with optimal results.

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Thursday, September 24 2020

The demand for both procedures has been increasing recently. The trend for a slim face with a very marked profile has become the desire of young and adult women and men. The search for alternatives is constant and the offer is also varied, for this reason, many doubts have arisen as to whether the procedure is the most effective and beneficial when looking to reduce cheeks.
Next, we show you a comparison between liposuction and bichectomy. You will learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each one and depending on this, which is the one that best suits your needs.

In the case of bichectomy, the surgical wound can often become durable, which implies that there is a greater probability of alterations in the skin of the incision. In both procedures, local anesthesia is usually applied and its duration is approximately 1 hour.

The 2 procedures require a maximum of 3 to 4 days of recovery, in the case of bichectomy, it is required to be more careful with activities that involve a lot of physical effort. In cheek liposuction it will only be necessary to use a special garment for the face.

Facial refinement with laser liposuction brings more accurate aesthetic results compared to bichectomy. This is because it will be done at different points on the cheeks in addition to the double chin and neck. On the other hand, the bichectomy has an immediate result by the extraction of the Bichat bags where the fat accumulates, therefore, the result will be more drastic and noticeable.
On the other hand, liposuction brings permanent results that should not be affected unless there is a very drastic increase in weight. For its part, bichectomy can bring premature aging due to the lack of support that will be in the face due to the absence of these accumulations of fat, and it can be reflected in the sagging of the skin and an extremely thinned face.

Always remember that results may vary, and to maintain the indicated care to the extreme so that recovery brings the least amount of sequelae possible.

Thursday, September 10 2020

The appearance of the abs is an aesthetic issue that matters both men and women as it is a very difficult area to define no matter the diet and exercise. The defined abs has become a reflection of health and harmony, people are in the constant search to achieve the goal, hence the success of the procedures that help eliminate abdominal fat. Abdominoplasty like liposuction are 2 of the most requested plastic surgery treatments by people.

According to a report by the American Society for Plastic Surgery, abdominoplasty intervention has increased by 107% since 2000 while the demand for liposuction continues to grow.

Liposuction allows us to define our silhouette by eliminating localized fat deposits, reducing and shaping the area to be treated. The procedure consists of minimal incisions through which a hollow tube or cannula is inserted through which the fat accumulations will be aspirated. There are many other areas where liposuction can be performed such as hips, back, buttocks, double chin and legs, etc.

On the other hand, the abdominoplasty is performed through a long incision from one end of the hip to the other, just above the pubis and below the navel, the result of removing all the lower abdominal skin. A second incision is made around the navel, to be able to transpose it to its proper position. The surgery leaves a permanent scar in the lower abdomen that, depending on the amount of excess skin, may be long or short but is hidden by the edge of the underwear.

If the weight loss has not been too much and there is no skin excess or stretch marks and the abdominal walls are not distended, liposuction will be enough to locally correct the excess fat and shape the figure.

If there is excess skin and stretch marks, a tummy tuck will be the most indicated to remove the skin between the navel and the pubis in the amount that is required. With the help of the surgery, the muscles that, over the years and weight changes, have become distended, forming a kind of inner corset joining the muscles from above the navel to the pubis, thus obtaining a tighter and flatter abdomen.

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Thursday, September 3 2020

Plastic surgery on teenagers can cause controversy. There are no specific laws in Mexico or the US that prohibit adolescents from undergoing cosmetic surgery; however, parental consent is required for patients under 18 years of age. Cosmetic surgery may be appropriate for some teens and can be done safely. The most requested procedures seek that, at an early age, the person can make physical changes that favor their appearance and self-esteem.

Among the most requested procedures are:

Breast augmentation: the recommended age for the breast augmentation procedure is when the breast is fully developed, which usually occurs between 18 and 24 years.

Rhinoplasty: This is the most in-demand plastic surgery procedure among teens. It can be carried out once the nose has completed 90% of its growth, this occurs between 13 or 14 years in girls and 15 to 16 years in boys. They can also opt for a less invasive procedure using fillers or thread lifts where tensioning threads and fillers are applied.
Breast reduction: Often, this surgery is performed in girls with a large volume in the chest area and consequently have back and shoulder pain, this can limit physical activity.

Breast reduction is usually delayed until the breasts have reached their full development. In some children, excessive breast development (gynecomastia) can be a major problem. In those cases, the excess tissue can be removed.

Otoplasty: This surgery is recommended for children when they have almost completed full development of the ears, at five or six years of age.

Bluelight: This procedure is indicated for young people with severe acne. It is recommended to complement conventional treatments and the mission of minimizing inflammatory lesions and reducing the population of bacteria. In addition to being a minimally invasive treatment, its results are effective in the vast majority of cases.

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Thursday, August 20 2020

Let us guess… you are on the constant quest to keep your skin young, clean and smooth, but for now you don’t want something as extreme as a peel that will keep at home for days. Well, we have a very good option for you, which will allow you to return to your daily activities immediately, it will help you eliminate scars, reduce wrinkles among other benefits, we present you the microdermabrasion.

This and other treatments that consist of exfoliating the skin remove dead cells and impurities, reduce scars and other superficial injuries by eliminating the outer layers of cells in the skin. The elimination of these cells promotes cell regeneration with the increase of collagen production and with this elasticity.

This technique was developed several years ago using diamond tips and thanks to the subtlety of the procedure it turns out to be painless, giving immediate results of smoothness and a feeling of uniformity by softening the black and whiteheads so that their extraction would be simple.

It is recommended to do it 1 to 2 times a month and taking into consideration the skin condition of the person, an average of 6 sessions is indicated.

Among the various benefits are:

  • Reduction of wrinkles and expression lines
  • Increased circulation reflecting healthier skin
  • Reduction of hyperpigmentation in addition to closing pores
  • In combination with retinoid creams an improvement in stretch marks can be achieved
  • Reduction of surface damage caused by UVB rays and aging

Subsequently, the use of sunscreen is indicated to avoid any discomfort due to skin sensitivity.

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Wednesday, August 12 2020

Summer will be a good time to take advantage of the offers of many clinics regarding their most summer demanded procedure, the BBL (Brazilian butt lift) and then we will tell you more details about what it consists of. This is the one where the patient fat is used to augment the butt volume and provides natural results, it can be done in areas like breast, hips, calves and buttocks.

This technique consists of two steps: first the surgeon perform a liposuction to remove the fat localized in areas such the abdomen, waist, hips or thighs. Then the fat is subjected to an optimization process to purify it and then the surgeon redistributes into the buttocks through injections, achieving the desired volume.
The BBL is ideal for those people who have unwanted fat located in different areas and wish to redistribute it to improve their silhouette, being this the most regarding change, the Improvement of your shape. When fat is obtained from unwanted places in the body through liposuction and then applied to the buttocks, the figure is molded, achieving two objectives in a single intervention.

Also, the BBL is an outpatient procedure so when the patient recovers from the anesthesia, can go home. It’s very important to follow medical recommendations all the time for a successful recovery.
Another plus is that this procedure avoids foreign material, implants and fillers injections carries a risk of rejection by the patient’s body, in the case of the BBL, the use of own fat deposits makes the process completely safe and accepted by the body. You can also repeat the process without any problem if you want to increase more the volume of the buttocks.
Compared with other buttock augmentation procedures, the BBL is more affordable, although the price may vary depending on the areas that you wish to treat with liposuction.

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Friday, June 26 2020

On the puberty occur many changes, in the case of men it seems that every day something changes, these changes are reflected in the growth of some parts of the body such as facial hair, height and sometimes the chest area, this last the most difficult to assume. Although it does not occur in all men and in some cases, it is only temporary, that is why is necessary to pay particular attention.

Male breast augmentation is more common than you might think, this condition affects 40% of the male population, this can bring insecurities, psychological problems, or diseases such as cancer. In this condition, a young man can develop breast tissue and it will be due to the hormonal changes that occur during puberty due to a high production of estrogens, although this is its most common cause, sometimes it can be a side effect from the use of certain medications or predisposition to fat accumulation in this area.

Those who suffer from gynecomastia often seek alternatives and a definitive solution, if a weight reduction has not given the expected results, an evaluation will be necessary to rule out any serious disease, a medical history is usually requested to assess growth and a physical examination in the one that the doctor through the palpation of the breasts will establish a diagnosis, once it is ensured that the increase is not caused by any pathology, the doctor will show the alternatives to reduce the volume of this area.

The following surgeries can correct the volume of this area:

Liposuction: mostly requested for cases in which there is only fat accumulation, local anesthesia is used, its recovery is quick and there is no bleeding

Removal with surgery: when liposuction is not an option to reduce volume, it is possible to remove the mammary gland, it does not affect the patient’s daily life if it is removed since the gland does not fulfill any function in men.

Mammoplasty: it is recommended in severe cases where in addition to extracting fat and gland, it is also necessary to reduce the skin excess.

It is necessary to go to a specialist always before making the decision to perform a surgical procedure. At Baja Plastic Surgery we offer you the advice of our specialist plastic surgeons who will solve all your doubts. Visit us!

Monday, June 8 2020

There are a wide variety of procedures that can be performed in a single intervention. Once the appropriate assessment and exams are done, depending on your health status and the procedures you want to undergo.

Very often, patients want to have more than one procedure performed at the same time, so their have doubt as to whether their bodies could withstand the interventions. A patient who is in good health and does not suffer from serious diseases can perform several procedures in a single surgical act, such as combining a pexia and a breast augmentation, an abdominal liposuction and in turn a lipoinjection into the buttocks with the same fat. Previously, a thorough assessment of the state of health is carried out, through pre-surgical examinations and the assessment of the anesthesiologist, which will allow the procedures to be carried out safely and achieve a satisfactory recovery by complying with the indications and due rest to reach the desired results.

The surgeries that are commonly performed in the same intervention are:

  • Breast Augmentation – Liposculpture and Lipoinjection of Buttocks
  • Blepharoplasty – Tensor threads on the face
  • Pexia – Breast Augmentation
  • Liposculpture – Abdominoplasty
  • Blepharoplasty – Rhinoplasty

Many patients seek to improve certain areas of their body, but they must also consider that at the same time they must include other areas that will make the change more complete and that their results are perceived better, for example, liposuction in the abdominal area may be considered to shape our figure, but it is necessary to include other areas such as back, waist and arms. The combination of procedures minimizes exposure to pain relievers for several days and recovery periods, as well as reducing the recovery time between one procedure and another and not having to suspend daily or work activities repeatedly.

Do you have in mind having more than one of these surgeries?
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