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How to find the best Plastic Surgeons in Mexico?

Wednesday, February 17 2021

For it's wonderful landscapes and beaches, Mexico has become one of the main tourist destinations, especially for people who come from United States and Canada. Currently Mexico also receives a large amount of medical tourism, thanks to the affordable prices and competitive services we offer.    What are the main medical services people are getting in Mexico?  Dental services and plastic surgery procedures are on the top of this list....

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5 things you need to know about threads lifts

Saturday, February 13 2021

The first sign of aging is noticeable in the face, without a doubt, and we see it reflected in the flaccidity, drooping cheeks and expression lines that can be accentuated as the years go by mainly because our body reduces the production of collagen and elastin. Currently aesthetic medicine offers various options for facial rejuvenation that are also minimally invasive, this is the case of threads lifts. Have you heard about them? Here we bring...

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Am I a candidate for a breast reduction?

Friday, February 5 2021

It is common for people with excess breast tissue to consider a reduction due to back problems, burning sensation, fatigue or pain, however, in many cases they postpone treating this area for fear of the operating room. Currently there is another alternative to treat this area that is less invasive and just as effective as a surgical reduction, this option is breast liposuction. This procedure seeks to eliminate as much fat as possible and avoid...

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Surgery for weight loss in Mexico, What you should know

Wednesday, January 27 2021

When a person suffers from obesity, many areas of his life can be seriously affected. Among the main ones is health, because when a person suffers from obesity, it is very likely that they suffer from a health problem, among the most common are diabetes and hypertension, these conditions can have serious consequences if treatment is not applied by a proper doctor.   In addition to health, another of the most visible implications of being...

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Be aware of the silicone injections risks

Friday, January 22 2021

Buttock augmentation is currently the most requested surgery in new patients who go to the plastic surgeon, this trend has resulted in clinics offering this procedure with greater promotion, which is not exactly good, the search to offer accessible procedures for everyone it can have consequences. Although the two most common methods to increase the volume of this area are lipoinjection and buttock implants, there was a time when clinics were not...

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Know more about microdermabrasion and the benefits this will bring to your skin

Thursday, December 3 2020

In recent years, medspa procedures have become popular, offering skin treatments that help us correcting small imperfections without going through the scalpel. This time we will tell you more about microdermabrasion that has become the favorite of many thanks to its great benefits. To begin, we will explain a little bit more about how it is carried out: this is a quick exfoliation that removes cells from the superficial layer of the skin. Using a...

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What is lipoedema?

Friday, November 13 2020

It is recurrent to notice with weight gain there are specific areas where you perceive that the fat has mostly accumulated, it can be concentrated in areas such as abdomen, arms, hips, or legs. There are also some cases in which you may perceive that this increase in proportions has been concentrated in an unusual way or that it has not been distributed throughout the body but only in the legs, if this is the case, it could be a...

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Open your eyes! Attention to your eyelids

Thursday, November 5 2020

We know that when it comes to skin care we must get serious and we must be very attentive and thorough with its care. There is an area that in addition to requiring the most attention, is the most delicate area, and we refer to the area of ​​the blinks that is the thinnest and flaccid. As it is constantly moving and exposed to UVA rays, if they are not taken care of, wrinkles may appear at an early age. To maintain the greatest care in this...

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The importance of post-op garments

Thursday, October 29 2020

In the postoperative period, all the necessary precautions and care must be taken to minimize risks and improve the results, these cares include the use of compression garments such as girdles. Specialists recommend the use of specialized garments that greatly reduce bleeding and inflammation, the girdles are usually elastic bands with fabric that cover the intervened areas such as abdominal, waist, back, legs, arms etc. and are intended to exert...

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Cheek liposuction vs bichectomy. Which is better?

Thursday, September 24 2020

The demand for both procedures has been increasing recently. The trend for a slim face with a very marked profile has become the desire of young and adult women and men. The search for alternatives is constant and the offer is also varied, for this reason, many doubts have arisen as to whether the procedure is the most effective and beneficial when looking to reduce cheeks. Next, we show you a comparison between liposuction and bichectomy. You will...

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