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Why plastic surgeries are more affordable in Mexico?

Friday, January 15 2021

Mexico has become in recent years a country with world recognition in terms of cosmetic surgeries due to the quality of its professionals and the first-rate facilities in which they practice. When starting the search for aesthetic procedures, it is common to start making comparisons with the recommendations, the place and especially the price. When looking at the average prices, it can particularly draw our attention that the prices in the United...

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Everything you need to know about the FAMI

Friday, January 8 2021

It is common that when we begin to notice changes in our face we begin to ask about the different options that can help us according to our needs, if we have furrows, wrinkles, flaccidity, scars, etc. And although there is a procedure for each situation, there is one in particular that offers us a radical renewal, this is the FAMI. What is FAMI? Body fat transfer or lipolifting, also known as FAMI (facial autologous muscular injection),...

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Avoid tobacco these holidays

Wednesday, December 30 2020

Smoking causes noticeable changes in our body, in addition to the obviously serious ones such as cancer or respiratory problems. If we put aside these serious consequences, we must also take into consideration how it affects our skin. A cigarette contains hundreds of substances that are harmful to the human body, the most prevalent being nicotine, which causes a decrease in blood flow. In addition, inhaling carbon monoxide makes this chemical...

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Relieve your back with these exercises.

Thursday, December 17 2020

Back pain is very common, perhaps there is no one who does not suffer from it and we understand that in recent months this problem has been exacerbated by spending so much time in front of the computer while doing home office. For this reason, this time we show you the simple exercises to prevent or relieve this common pain. The pain is not exclusive to spending hours sitting, it can also happen when standing for a long time or when adopting a bad...

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What skills should a good plastic surgeon have?

Saturday, October 24 2020

The decision is made, you have decided to make a radical change in your person and you have decided on cosmetic surgery, and at the same time you will be wondering: How will I choose the best surgeon? On this occasion we will show you everything that you must consider in the surgeon in charge of your surgery and thus obtain the best results. It is likely that a plastic surgery has caught your attention when you see the results that other people...

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What kind of care should we have with our hands?

Thursday, October 15 2020

Our hands are our presentation letter, and then our eyes are the next contact we will have with someone, a greeting. The hands are also the most exposed daily, to heat, cold, light, water, and dirty surfaces, so we must always take the biggest care, therefore, today's topic will be focused on them, and how to give special attention. Applying sunscreen is essential, both on the face and on the hands, this is essential, we tend to always carry it in...

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¿Qué cuidados debemos tener con nuestras manos?

Nuestras manos son una carta de presentación, después de nuestros ojos son el siguiente contacto que tendremos con alguien, un saludo. También son las manos las mas expuestas en el transcurso de nuestro día, al calor, al frio, a la luz, al agua y superficies sucias por lo que debemos tener el mayor cuidado siempre, por eso, el tema de hoy estará enfocado en ellas y en como dedicarles una atención especial. Aplicar protector solar es...

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Does the plastic surgery help on mental health?

Thursday, October 8 2020

Every day a considerable number of people go for plastic surgery and agree that their main reason is to feel better about themselves. The sense of self-acceptance brings an improvement in self-esteem, which will bring positive changes in daily life in general. Plastic surgery transcends the emotions of the patients, and in many cases brings remarkable psychological benefits. But isn’t like that emotional problems will magically disappear after...

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Am i a candidate for plastic surgery?

Friday, October 2 2020

A person who wishes to undergo cosmetic surgery must be in good health. This does not mean that if you suffer from any disease you will not be able to undergo a surgical procedure, but it does require being in optimal condition to avoid complications. For example, there is a blood test that shows us that the person has a good thyroid and therefore surgery can be performed. The same happens with other chronic diseases such as those that affect...

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It’s the season and the summer bodies are here!

Wednesday, August 12 2020

Summer will be a good time to take advantage of the offers of many clinics regarding their most summer demanded procedure, the BBL (Brazilian butt lift) and then we will tell you more details about what it consists of. This is the one where the patient fat is used to augment the butt volume and provides natural results, it can be done in areas like breast, hips, calves and buttocks. This technique consists of two steps: first the surgeon perform a...

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