This is mommy makeover in tijuana

What is Mommy Makeover?

Nowadays, many women wish to improve their figure after giving birth; we know that in the process of pregnancy, a woman’s body changes significantly to adapt to the baby’s needs. Sometimes, after these changes, a woman’s body suffers damage, which can affect not only her physical appearance but also her self-esteem. That’s why a large percentage of the female population decides to undergo this surgery.

The mommy makeover Tijuana is for women who wish for an image change. It’s becoming more popular worldwide in aesthetics thanks to its primary function based on the recovery of the woman’s figure after pregnancy. Still, it’s not limited only to mothers.

The procedure offers multiple benefits for women, including returning their physical and psychological well-being, increasing their self-esteem, and making them look like the beauty they deserve with a flat abdomen.

What Is The Procedure For Mommy Makeover Tijuana?

This plastic surgery helps to reshape a woman’s body after pregnancy. To achieve this, the plastic surgeon performs a series of operations to improve the woman’s appearance. These surgeries focus mainly on two areas, which undergo the most significant changes after pregnancy, the abdominal area, and the breasts, regularly with a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation.

Although the main effort is focused on these two areas of the body, we also work on the contour of the woman’s silhouette. In other words, the doctor will not only remove the excess skin and fat found in one area and will not only focus on improving the appearance of the breasts but will also perform techniques to make the complete result look proportionally aesthetic.

The surgeries performed are:

Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck: a surgical procedure that focuses mainly on the abdominal area. The surgeon will make an opening in the upper part of the pubis to remove the fat deposits and tighten the skin so that it looks proportionally more uniform. 

Breast implants or mastopexy:

There are two types of surgery, breast implants or breast lifts, depending on the patient’s wants. The ultimate goal of these two treatments is for the breasts to retain or increase their size to give the woman’s body a better figure.


Just as the abdominal areas are treated with surgery, the plastic surgeon will proceed to contour the woman’s body to eliminate those areas of the body where fat is accumulated. Usually, the areas treated in this cosmetic procedure are parts of the body where it is challenging for the fat to disappear with exercise or a balanced diet.

What Should Be Considered In The Procedure Of Mommy Makeover Tijuana?

First of all, this surgery is not performed immediately after birth because the skin needs to be expanded, so if a Mommy Makeover surgery is performed immediately, it can considerably damage the person’s appearance. Therefore, the doctor and patient must wait until the tissues return to a standard shape.

Since procedures are performed in the breast area, the mother must wait three to six months since she will be breastfeeding after delivery. During breastfeeding time, the gland that secretes the milk decreases in size, so it will be necessary to wait.

The three procedures performed at Mommy Makeover Tijuana are not always done at the same time; many times, it will be necessary to complete them at different times. It will depend on the state the patient is in.

If the woman wants to have more children, she must consider that the operation of Mommy Makeover will not affect the pregnancy process but can affect the results obtained.

The procedure of Mommy Makeover Tijuana does leave a scar, but the incision made to perform this surgery is right where the incision scar is, so there will be no additional scar. Many times, it is possible to improve the appearance of these marks.

Who Is A Candidate For Mommy Makeover Tijuana Surgery?

  • For a woman to undergo this plastic surgery, she must first schedule an appointment with the doctor so that he can evaluate the person’s condition. In this way, the specialist can determine if the woman is in optimal health to undergo a Mommy Makeover Tijuana.
  • A woman in good physical and mental condition since the change made with the Mommy Makeover Tijuana can alter a little the way a person feels.
  • She should be in good weight conditions; within the first 6 to 9 months, there should be no instability in the woman’s weight.
  • A woman with fat deposits, excess skin in the abdominal area, and muscle damage.

Benefits Of Having A Mommy Makeover Tijuana:

  • Get rid of abdominal fat.
  • Get back the breast figure.
  • Increase self-esteem.
  • Breast lift ending flaccidity.
  • Natural results.

The intervention time can be from 1 to 8 hours with a recovery of 1-2 weeks.

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This is mommy makeover en tijuana mexico

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