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What is a Rhinoplasty?

Tijuana Rhinoplasty It’s a nose surgery that modifies the shape of it and it’s one of the procedures more frequent and common.

It modifies the shape, but also the width, the tip and the narrowness of the holes. It can also fix some breathing problems. A rhinoplasty can change the angel between the nose and the upper lip.

Who is the best candidate?

A person with good health, with realistic expectations.

A person who wants to reduce or increase the size of the nose.

A person who wants to modify the nasal bridge or the tip of the nose.

A person who wants to modify the nostrils.

A person with a breath problem that can be solve by a rhinoplasthy.

What do I have to do before the surgery?

Before the treatment you have to avoid substance with salicylates (like aspirins) for at least a month.

Also, a month before you have to suspend the use of substance or products inhale.

How long is the recovery time?

At the end of the surgery the patient has to use nasal plugs and a ferule that covers the nose. At the first days it might have bruises near to the eyes, but it will disappear in a couple of days.

After the surgery, a couple of hours later you can go home; but, some weeks after the surgery, the bruising will start vanish. Six months later is when you can notice the final result.

This is Rhinoplasthy Nose Cosmetic Surgery in Tijuana B.C.

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