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Nowadays, we live in a world that is aware of the consequences that a disease like obesity can cause. That is why different surgeries focused on weight loss have become very popular in individuals who suffer from obesity. The problems that can cause pathologies related to excess weight are really severe, affecting not only the physical appearance of the person but also their health and self-esteem.

Once obesity was recognized as a disease, techniques that would allow people who suffer from excess weight to lead another lifestyle began to develop. One of the most standard procedures that have been present in the health market for many years is the gastric band, which has been used in different parts of the world.

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Tijuana?

It is a surgery that is focused on those people who suffer from overweight or obesity. With this surgical procedure is intended to reduce the patient’s weight, so that after the surgeon performs this surgery, the person can have an improvement in chronic diseases, which may be related to obesity.

Gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana consists of reducing the size of the stomach to limit the amount of food a person can consume. In this way, the patient will progressively lose weight. Also, this procedure is very effective because the operation not only focuses on reducing the stomach but also “tricks” the hormone responsible for the sensation of hunger. So by playing with the hormone ghrelin, the individual will quickly satisfy the feeling of hunger.

Those who undergo gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana must understand that it is an irreversible procedure, so the surgeon performs some tests first, to make sure the person is an ideal candidate

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Tijuana?

  • People who have tried to lose weight for a long time, but are not successful.
  • People who are above 35 BMI.
  • Those patients who have not been successful with other weight loss procedures.

The person who wants to undergo this type of surgical procedure must know the established parameters, following the BMI. Therefore, surgeons have determined that the patient who is above 35 BMI may be the perfect candidate. But to be sure, the surgeon must examine the person’s condition to proceed with surgery.

Therefore, patients who have been suffering from obesity for a long time, and no matter what exercise or diet they take, It’s impossible for them to lose weight, gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana is an excellent option. Mainly because being within the parameters of obesity, the person tends to generate different chronic diseases that are responsible for slowly damaging the body. It is always recommended to perform a gastric sleeve operation before reaching extreme cases where the physical condition and health of the person is in danger.

Procedure For Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Tijuana

Before the surgery

The surgeon in charge of the process must analyze in detail the health and condition of the person. During this check, the patient will be notified of the risks that may arise and how the surgery will be performed. There must be excellent communication between the patient and the surgeon so that they can mutually resolve any doubts that may arise.

As for the patient, the following recommendations should be taken:

  • The patient is not allowed to smoke before the procedure. Therefore, the patient must stop smoking one month before the procedure.
  • The patient should stop drinking alcohol one month before the surgery.
  • The patient must follow a special diet, and one day before the operation, the person should not eat any food after 8 pm.
  • It is essential that before the procedure is performed, the patient has had at least one month of physical activity to get used to the body’s changes.

During Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Tijuana

In the process of the operation, the surgeon will remove approximately 70% of the stomach where the joints that make up the stomach will have to be separated and then removed and sealed. In this surgery, there are no diversions into the intestine, so it is a procedure that has low levels of risk. The duration of the gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana depends entirely on the patient, but it can last an hour or more.

After Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Tijuana

Once the time of anesthesia has passed, after 3 to 4 hours from the surgery, the patient will be able to walk without any difficulty. Still, it is important that the patient stays at least one night in the clinic so that there is better monitoring. After the time in the clinic, the patient will be able to return home.

Special Care

It is common for the person to have pain where the surgery was performed, as well as nausea or slight dizziness, so the patient must take the medication as agreed with the surgeon.

The patient may return to normal activities after five to seven days but must be very careful not to make any significant efforts.

The patient must follow a special diet, which during the first week will consist of pure liquids, avoiding drinks that may irritate the stomach. Afterward, during the second and third week, the patient should be fed with smoothies, creams, or soups. In the fourth week, porridge will be implemented. And so on until the patient can consume food normally.

To Consider In The Gastric Sleeve Surgery In Tijuana

  •  It is a surgical procedure to achieve the ideal weight for patients who fit this type of surgery.
  •  The risk to patients is low.
  •  It is removed about 75% of the stomach.
  •  After the surgery, the patient should consume vitamin and mineral supplements.
  •  According to medical records, a patient can achieve a weight loss of up to 80% of excess weight, based on patients undergoing this surgery
  •  It is not reversible; it could, if required, converting a gastric bypass.
  •  Information on long-term outcomes beyond five years has not reported any risk.

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