This is treatment blue light en tijuana

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Platinum Light Blue, the result of the latest technological research, uses this exclusive intense blue light to destroy acne’s propioni- bacteria, safely, quickly and efficiently.

This special light beam starts off a natural production of porphyrin which in turn attacks and destroys the propioni-bacteria.

  • Faster result than the usual treatments
  • Painless and without side effects
  • Quick treatments (10 – 15 minutos )

A pulse of light that shapes your body

This special light beam produces a natural process of adiposity and cellulite removal through the restoration of blood and lipid circulation, improving tissue tone and skin smoothness.

The thermal energy delivered by the pulsed light stimulates the cellular regeneration and, as it known, if the skin cells have enough energy, they can regenerate and protect themselves from pathogen agents. Subsequently a deep massage combined to a slight suction restore the micro-circle.

This is treatment blue light en tijuana

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