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What is IPL laser hair removal?

This procedure consists in the hair removal, the hair contains melanin which gives it color. When the beam of light with a certain wavelength and intensity interacts with the hair, the energy is absorbed by the melanin transforming it into heat, thus producing the prolonged destruction of the hair. As the laser only works on dark areas due to melanin, it is not effective for white or very light hair.

IPL covers a wide range of wavelengths, allowing the device to be adapted using different filters to the characteristics of each person’s hair and skin.

How’s the procedure done?

This treatment is carried out on completely clean skin, without makeup or creams. A cold gel is applied to the area to be treated that serves as protection for the thinner layers of the skin, while facilitating the transmission of light energy, in very sensitive areas such as the mustache and bikini, topical anesthesia is applied prior to the gel.

The duration of the session will depend on the area to be treated and if topical anesthesia is used or not. During the session, eye protectors are used to protect the eyes from the light beams.

It is a safe, fast, gentle, and effective procedure and can be used throughout the body.

Who can use this permanent hair removal technique?

Both women and men of any age, considering that the effectiveness will be zero in the case of gray hair and less when the hair is blonde or red. It is also recommended to avoid being tanned before starting the treatment, as this will increase its effectiveness.

Is the treatment painful?

This technique is usually painless, although this may vary between each patient and the area to be treated. There will be a sensation of heat in the area where you apply the pulsed light or the equivalent of a slight pinch with each shot.

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How many hair removal sessions do I need?

The number of sessions required may vary according to the characteristics of each person (hair and skin color, hair growth cycles, surface to be treated, etc.). An average of 5 to 6 sessions are needed to remove most of the hair. Sometimes there is a very low percentage of the hair that is left with little melanin, and it is not possible to remove.

Also, some people may need maintenance sessions about 1-2 times a year.

Are the results permanent?

According to studies, follicles that have been destroyed do not reappear. However, it must be considered that there are many inactive follicles on the skin that can generate new hair over time and that the technique is not very effective with lighter hair. Taking these two factors into account, it will take several sessions to reach the definitive hair removal and another annual session to maintain the results. In general, the definitive removal of 80-90% of the hair from the treated area is achieved.

Pros of IPL hair removal

  • It is a customizable treatment, after an initial evaluation of the patient’s skin and hair, the treatment is adjusted to their needs.
  • Effective against fine and thick hair.
  • It concentrates the power of the light in a single point, significantly shortening the time of the sessions.
  • It allows to treat large areas of skin; in this way it is indicated for any area of ​​the body and for both female and male patients.

Side effects are temporary and sometimes non-existent, such as reddening of the skin, feeling of heat, etc.

What to do after each session? Are there any side effects?

At the end of each IPL hair removal session, a slight reddening of the skin may occur and a sensation of heat in the treated area may occur. This will go away in a couple of hours. It is important to avoid the sun while you are in this treatment, so it is recommended to use a sunscreen for maximum protection and avoid direct contact with sunlight. If the recommendations are not followed properly, small spots may appear on the skin.


Care after IPL hair removal:

  • For redness or irritation of the epidermis you can use cortisone preparation (Nutracort Hydrocortisone 1%).
  • Avoid severe scrubbing, hot baths or showers for 24 hours.
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun while you are in the treatment. Once it is finished wait at least 3 weeks before doing it.
  • Use sunscreen daily.
  • Do not use wax or cream for hair removal, or bleach hair between treatments.
  • Do not use tanning creams or oils.

What is the price of IPL laser hair removal?

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