The average life expectancy has world level increased in a range of 5 years standing at 72 years average, which has a meaning a record taking as reference the lapse from the second decade according to the World Health Organization (WHO). With this, the desire to have a fresher and younger appearance has also been increasing in adults, although the doubt always posed to the surgeon goes hand in hand: At my age, is it okay to do this?

Since then, a professional doctor will always carry out the corresponding analyzes and tests to determine the safety of the patient, since it is well kept in mind that the main fear is that, at an older age, greater risk, although it must be said that a significant number of those who come to face rejuvenation procedures already has 65 years old or more. In 2015 the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recorded more than 40,000 eyelid surgeries and more than 37,000 facelifts, and most of these claimed it was their first surgical procedure.

Although many procedures are used to applaud the signs of aging, it is also recommended that when making the decision of someone who has cosmetic surgery in these areas that they have a considerable effect where sagging or wrinkles are very noticeable.

The recommended procedures to decrease the signs of aging are:

• Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

Blepharoplasty is a corrective surgery that repairs the droopy eyelid by removing excess skin, muscle, and fat.

• Rhytidectomy (face lift)

It involves separating the skin from the fat and the underlying muscle, then tightening the muscle and the underlying membrane, pulling on the skin and removing excess, securing the layers of tissue and closing the incisions.

• Lifting with threads

Thread lifting is capable of naturally forming support tissue by producing collagen and fibroblasts around the inserted thread that tighten and redensify the skin.

• Fillers in dark circles, cheekbones, lips and hands.

The most widely used method is filling with hyaluronic acid, a molecule that acts like a sponge in the body by attracting water molecules.

Making the decision to undergo a procedure requires complete attention and research, remember that at Baja Plastic Surgery we offer free advice, as well as a complete budget where the doctor will indicate in detail what he recommends for a better result. Visit us and discover how you can make a complete change!