A person who wishes to undergo cosmetic surgery must be in good health. This does not mean that if you suffer from any disease you will not be able to undergo a surgical procedure, but it does require being in optimal condition to avoid complications.

For example, there is a blood test that shows us that the person has a good thyroid and therefore surgery can be performed. The same happens with other chronic diseases such as those that affect blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, organs such as the lungs, kidneys, among others.
At the appointment with the surgeon, it is necessary to give prior information about the diseases suffered and later request complementary tests such as a cardiological evaluation and a blood test. There is the possibility of requesting a review by an internist and in certain cases by a specialist or the anesthesiologist to evaluate you and determine if you are in good condition.

Avoid omitting information about any illness, disease or medical complication in the past, this would have serious consequences for your surgery.
Remember that when you go to a clinic or hospital that seeks to perform a surgical procedure, you should always request a prior evaluation. The patient must have a relationship of trust with his doctor, this is essential to have a safe procedure with optimal results.

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